Panthers Owner Gives Great Reason For Hiring Matt Rhule

Ryan Phillips
Matt Rhule coaches Baylor at the Sugar Bowl
Matt Rhule coaches Baylor at the Sugar Bowl / Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Matt Rhule was hired as the new head coach of the Carolina Panthers on Tuesday, and the team's owner gave a great quote as to why he picked Rhule. David Tepper loved the Rhule is just a regular guy.

Here's what Tepper had to say:

"“He dresses like (expletive) and sweats all over himself. He dresses like me, so I have to love the guy. I was a short-order cook, he was a short-order cook. Nobody gave him anything, nobody gave me anything.""

Tepper the said, "He had to work hard for everything he got."

It's a compelling reason. Tepper built a $12 billion empire from scratch and thinks Rhule is the same kind of guy.

Rhule took over two terrible programs at the college level and turned them into winners. At Temple, the Owls went 2-10 in their first season. They were 6-6 in his second campaign, then went 10-4 in 2015 and 10-3 in 2016. He was immediately hired at Baylor and the Bears went 1-11 in 2017. They followed that up by going 7-6 in 2018 and 11-3 this year. Those are two fantastic turnarounds during his seven-year career.

We'll see if Rhule's magic touch will translate to Carolina, where the Panthers went 5-11 this season.