Panthers Twitter Eviscerates Falcons' New Jerseys With 'The Longest Yard' Spoof

Brian Giuffra
Carolina Panthers Twitter.
Carolina Panthers Twitter. /

It's a slow time in the sports world. We're really looking for anything to write. Tom Brady filled our morning, but what to do in the afternoon?

Ah, thank goodness for the Carolina Panthers.

A few hours after the Atlanta Falcons released their objectively-bad new jerseys, the Panthers posted the funniest video so far about them on Twitter.

The NFC South rivalry runs deep, even on social media.

In case you didn't know, the photo the Panthers used is of Adam Sandler from The Longest Yard. Not only do the jerseys actually look very similar, but it's also an objectively bad movie, giving this troll job layers upon layers.

The Falcons tried to fire back with a Cam-Newton themed retort. But it was too late. They were already roasted to a crisp.

Better luck three years from now, Atlanta, when you'll surely be changing your uniforms again.