Panthers' Asking Price For Christian McCaffrey is Insane

Liam McKeone
Christian McCaffrey
Christian McCaffrey / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

The Carolina Panthers fired Matt Rhule earlier this week and have to start over from scratch yet again. Many, including this website, believed the hard midseason reset could result in a Christian McCaffrey trade. McCaffrey is far and away the best player on the Panthers' roster even with his injury issues and it makes a certain amount of sense to get what they can for him in order to kickstart a rebuild.

Well, the news from today indicates that ain't happening. Not anytime soon, anyway. Peter Schrager was on Fox NFL Kickoff this morning and said the Panthers want multiple first-rounders for McCaffrey.

Yeah, that's pretty nuts. You get why they'd put this out there. As stated, McCaffrey is the most talented player they've got and the only holdover from the last good years the franchise had. He's a fan favorite. They aren't going to ship him off for pennies on the dollar even if it is probably better to have a few more draft picks than an injury-prone running back on a big contract.

But this basically declares McCaffrey untouchable. Long gone are the days where teams would trade even one first-round pick for a running back. Much less one who is owed $34 million over the next three seasons with a huge dead cap hit every year until 2025.

McCaffrey is electric and smart teams will try to pry him from Carolina for cheap. It sounds like those efforts will be in vain, and so McCaffrey will remain a Panther for the foreseeable future.