Cam Newton Denies Wanting Trade, Accuses Panthers of Manipulating Narrative

Bobby Burack
Cam Newton opens up.
Cam Newton opens up. / Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Cam Newton responded to the Panthers' Instagram account denying he wants to be traded, accused the team of manipulating the narrative, and said he was "forced" into the situation.

Team general manager Marty Hurney released a statement this morning stating the Panthers are working with Newton and his agent to find the "best fit for [Newton] moving forward." The Panthers' official website's headline regarding the news indicates it was Newton's decision: "Panthers give Cam Newton permission to seek trade."

Usually, airing grievances via social media causes more harm than good. But the story today has been that this was at least mutual. Which appears to be an inaccurate summarization of the story, according to the man himself.