Panthers - Buccaneers Delayed for Inclement Weather

Ryan Glasspiegel

The Thursday Night Football game on NFL Network is delayed due to inclement weather in the Charlotte area. It is pouring at the stadium, and the broadcast of the game had been impacted — due to the threat of lightning in the area, the crew was operating with two cameras.

On the game broadcast, they said the game is expected to resume at 9:05 pm ET.

Here is what the weather radar looks like in the area:

At press time, the score is 0-0 with 8:31 remaining in the first quarter. Both teams have had drives that stalled; the Bucs got one first down before punting. The Panthers moved the ball a little before getting stopped on a fourth and one (Newton may have extended enough to pick up the first down, but he was ruled short and the lack of cameras made it impossible for the officials to overturn the call on review).