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Paige VanZant's Bare Knuckle Debut Reportedly Did Not Sell Many Pay-Per-Views

Stephen Douglas
Paige VanZant at KnuckleMania
Paige VanZant at KnuckleMania / Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Paige VanZant made her bareknuckle boxing debut way back on Super Bowl weekend. The former UFC fighter lost a decision to Britain Hart at an event aptly named, "KnuckleMania." Despite the loss, VanZant said she made a ton of money which is as good a reason as any to let someone punch you in the face on television, but Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship might have buyer's remorse because the event did not move many units.

According to Wrestling Observer, via, KnuckleMania only sold 5,000 pay-per-views on television. Combined with another 20,000 streaming and it doesn't sound like a lot. Especially considering VanZant signed a multi-million dollar deal and hinted that she would make $400,000 for her first fight.

The good news is, 25,000 units at $29.99 a pop is still about a quarter of a million dollars. And BKFC just signed Rachael Ostovich, who might fight VanZant in another PPV event this summer. The two previously fought in the UFC in 2019. If the organization can convert any of her 750k Instagram followers to pay-per-view buyers, they might be on to something. Even if there is a fair bit of crossover between her fans and VanZant's 2.8 million followers.