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Padres Fans Brawled During the 16-Inning Loss to the Dodgers

Stephen Douglas

The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Diego Padres, 5-3, in 16 innings on Wednesday night. The game lasted nearly six full hours and the home team lost, so who knows how long it took for tempers to boil over and cause these Padres fans to fight each other. It's your classic one dude and a date trying to hold him back taking on two other dudes matchup.

Punches are thrown over and around the would-be peacemaker before two of the combatants tumble down a row and other fans are able to break things up. Although, there is that one guy in the white shirt who comes in late and appears to throw a kick before deciding against taking any more free shots.

Here's better video:

All-in-all, a pretty ugly fan on fan incident inside the same fanbase, which is probably the most embarassing kind of fan fight. I mean, you're literally on the same team. Let's try and act like it.