Padres Fans Brawl in Stands During Loss to Giants

Liam McKeone
Padres fans fighting
Padres fans fighting /

It has been a rather frustrating year for the San Diego Padres and their fans. The team entered 2021 with hopes of World Series contention and a variety of factors have instead resulted in a struggle to qualify for a Wild Card spot. Things could be worse-- everyone important is young and has more than a few good years ahead of them-- but it's still painfully short of expectations.

This was very much on display last night as San Diego lost to the San Francisco Giants, who are having the kind of year Padres fans imagined they'd be having back in February. The Padres dropped the game 8-6, further burying playoff hopes. Frustration boiled over in the bleachers and San Diego fans turned on one another as a brawl broke out.

Here is a bird's eye view.

We here at The Big Lead have been disciplined about documenting these incidents over the course of the baseball season. It's been a steady stream of fists and drinks flying since fans were let back in the stadium. It does not appear to be stopping anytime soon, either.

The only way this season gets worse for these fans is if we get the Los Angeles Padres next year.