Jim Nantz Loved Jaire Alexander Pulling Out Griddy on Justin Jefferson

Liam McKeone
Jaire Alexander and Justin Jefferson
Jaire Alexander and Justin Jefferson /

The Minnesota Vikings arrived at Lambeau Field on Sunday afternoon determined to shake off any and all Aaron Rodgers-related demons as the playoffs rapidly approached. That proved to be easier said than done as a kickoff return for a TD put Green Bay up 7-3 halfway through the first quarter. The Vikings were finding it hard to move the ball because the Packers were playing tight man-to-man defense. The key to that strategy was putting Jaire Alexander on Justin Jefferson, a matchup of two All-Pro talents.

Alexander won the early bouts and celebrated a pass breakup by doing The Griddy right in front of Jefferson. To the great delight of Jim Nantz on the call for CBS alongside Tony Romo.

That's as close as you'll hear Nantz get to sheer joy on the broadcast. He is a professional who does not root for anybody so happiness is not often emoted in the booth. But he loved that.