Packers Do Ayahuasca in Touchdown Celebration

Ryan Phillips

Maybe Aaron Rodgers has had more of an impact on his Green Bay Packers teammates than we thought. On Sunday night after Allen Lazard scored a second quarter touchdown, the rest of the offense gathered around him for a unique celebration. They pretended to do ayahuasca.

Yep, that was a thing:

This, of course, is a reference to Rodgers discussing a series of ayahuasca trips he took during the 2020 and 2022 offseasons during trips to Peru. The story got so big the NFL had to declare that Rodgers wouldn't be punished, as ayahuasca was not a prohibited substance.

This seems like a loving tribute to Rodgers by his teammates, with maybe a little ribbing involved. It was unique and pretty funny. Well executed. Most importantly, they did it while they had a huge lead over the Chicago Bears. The Packers entered halftime with a 24-7 advantage.