Packers and Ravens Fans Brawled in the Stands in Baltimore on Sunday


The Green Bay Packers beat the Baltimore Ravens, 31-30, on Sunday in one of Week 15's better games. While the game was played in Baltimore, Green Bay fans always travel well, so there were plenty of Packers fans in the stands. And that's all the scene setting you need for this fan fight.

As usual, there's a lot going on. You've got a guy in a cheesehead. Lots of explitives. Women getting hit. Guys jumping over other guys. There are actually so many people here that it kind of looks like something out of the Battle of the Bastards... if security got involved a few minutes earlier.

This second angle shows some more blood and a better look at that other Packers fan flying in to attack the main Ravens fan as if the police didn't even exist. In the end, mostly Packers fans appeared to be taken away. Possibly to central booking, which is somehow one of the funnier things ever repeatedly yelled in one of these fan fight videos.