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America Absolutely Loves America's Game of the Week

Kyle Koster
Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages

We'll get to some news in a bit here. First, I want to ask a sincere question. At this point, is it possible that there's a single person in America who doesn't know that NFL ratings are always excellent and dominate everything else on television? Odds are, yes, because there's people who live an agrarian lifestyle and are only now getting into the internet. It just can't be a significant subset of the population. Which means that the dozens of sports media enthusiasts dutifully informing everyone the NFL draws significant viewership each and every Thursday, Sunday and Monday are providing a valuable service, even if it long ago became white noise for most consumers. So carry on. Let no one tell you that what you're doing isn't important.

Anyway, Fox continues to crush it.

Over 26 million people watched the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers combine to score 26 points on Sunday afternoon. Which keeps America's Game of the Week atop the mountaintop as the No. 1 show in television. Who said patriotism was dead?

In the next few hours, other networks will release numbers showing that millions upon millions watched the football games they aired as well. It's the most reliable thing in sports. Comfort food, if you will.