Packers Claim They Tried to Talk to Aaron Rodgers About Returning

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Aaron Rodgers has been pretty open that he doesn't believe the Green Bay Packers wanted him to return in 2023. He has also implied Green Bay didn't communicate its future plans and essentially moved on without talking to him. Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst is refuting that forcefully.

On Monday, Gutekunst claimed the Packers tried "many times" to have conversations with Rodgers about returning to Green Bay but it never happened. As a result, Green Bay had to move forward and make a decision. Then Rodgers' agent told the team he wanted to join the New York Jets.

Rodgers told Pat McAfee he thought it was strange to hear rumors the Packers were discussing trading him to other teams without involving him. Now the franchise is claiming it tried to reach the four-time NFL MVP repeatedly before deciding to move on.

However this went down, it's pretty clear the relationship between the two parties is broken. While Rodgers claims there are no hard feelings, he has taken a few digs at the people in charge during appearances on McAfee's show.

Eventually the Jets and Packers will work out a deal and Rodgers will be in New York.