Pablo Torre Is the New Face of Farting on an Airplane


The pre-show banter on Around the Horn can sometimes be better than the actual show. Host Tony Reali and the panelists often discuss random topics with hilarious consequence. Thursday's pre-show discussion may have topped them all, as Pablo Torre gave a full-throated endorsement to farting on airplanes.

Mina Kimes, David Dennis Jr., Justin Tinsley, Torre and Reali discussed the worst types of people on airplanes. Options were the full-flight recliner, shoes off guy, the person who does exercise, constant bathroom goers, the person who claps upon landing and more. The discussion took some detours, none bolder than Torre's at the end.

Not sure how ESPN feels about this kind of content but I, for one, love it.

I don't think Pablo got the reaction he expected from that comment. The three other panelists judged him harshly for going all-in on passing gas in the air. Kudos to Kimes for coming in with, "This is the pooping in the ocean of takes." Brilliant.

So next time you feel the urge to let one go on an airplane, just remember, Pablo Torre said it was OK to do so.