P.J. Fleck's Local Pizza Ad Will Have You Craving 'Sota-Style Pizza

Stephen Douglas
P.J. Fleck ordering pizza.
P.J. Fleck ordering pizza. /

P.J. Fleck has some extra time on his hands this fall, so he did a pizza commercial. The Golden Gophers coach showed up in a Red's Savoy Pizza ad where he coaches a guy wearing pajamas at noon so that he will order a pizza because he is "pizza elite."

Fleck is pretty good in this ad. He really does seem like the kind of guy that could get you to buy into rowing a metaphorical boat in order to win football games. Maybe Minnesota wants him to tone down his endorsements because if other schools find out he's marketable as well as a good coach, he's not long for the Twin Cities.

Now, as for the pizza, Red's Savoy Pizza is a chain with 16 locations in Minnesota. They appear to have laid claim to cutting a round pizza in the fashion of a Sicilian pizza, as demonstrated on this local morning show.

Honestly, it looks pretty good. Who knows how long it will be until 'Sota-style takes the country by storm. Maybe that will be P.J. Fleck's real legacy.