Overpaid Andrew Wiggins Had The Nerve To Call Fans "S***ty" After Missing Most Of His Free Throws


Andrew Wiggins might have made the most ironic statement of the year on Friday night.

The Timberwolves swingman forgot to put on his jersey before he took the floor, then proceeded to go 5-for-12 from the free-throw line in an overtime loss to the Hawks.

Andrew Wiggins misses two free throws in OT, gets booed by the Timberwolves home crowd (via @DFSBBallGuypic.twitter.com/lRxTtJhyDh

— The Render (@TheRenderNBA) December 29, 2018

And after all that … after spacing out for an entire game, this $148 million player somehow summoned the gall to call ticket-buying  fans “s***ty” because they booed his unprofessional performance.

Wiggins, a career 74 percent free throw shooter, was Minnesota’s biggest offender from the stripe in the 123-120 overtime loss. He went 5-of-12 and heard about it from a frustrated home crowd.

But Wiggins didn’t take the boos kindly.

“That’s fans for you,” Wiggins said. “We’ve got some s—ty fans, and we’ve got some good fans. That’s just how it works.”

Oh, no, no, no.

The only s***ty thing in this situation is Wiggins, who is paid entirely too much money to be averaging 16.6 points and shooting 40 percent from the field for a team with a losing record. Wiggins is “improving”on being the worst defensive player in the NBA. Yet despite his off-the-charts athletic talent, he remains just average on that end.

If you can’t handle some polite Midwestern booing, professional sports might not be for you.