Oscar Robertson Had No Problem With LeBron James Joining the Miami Heat

Stephen Douglas
LeBron James Announces His Future NBA Plans
LeBron James Announces His Future NBA Plans / Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Oscar Robertson appears on the latest episode of The Players Tribune's Knuckleheads podcast hosted by Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson. Around the 43-minute mark Robertson is asked about how he basically helped start free agency when he was president of the NBA Players Association. With or without trying, Robertson took a shot at the Boston Celtics and defended LeBron James' decision to sign with the Miami Heat a few years later.

"Years ago I never forget when Boston got Kevin Garnett and the shooter… Ray Allen. That was David Stern’s deal. The NBA allowed that. Everything was fine. People didn’t say anything about. But when LeBron went to Miami, 'oh man, how could he do this!?'"

Robertson, who just celebrated Milwaukee's first championship since he was on the team in 1971, obviously has no problem with superteams. Whether its by trade like when he joined the Bucks or by free agency.