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'Worst Call in Basketball History' Not Necessarily Hyperbole Here

Kyle Koster

Oregon State destroyed Florida State by 24 points in opening round action of the Women's NCAA Tournament over the weekend, so it's not as though a singular blown call going in the Beavers' favor had much impact on the game. And yet, a singular bad call going in the Beavers' favor is newsworthy because it was among the worst officiating decisions a person will ever have the privilege of seeing.

Not sure you even bother arguing this one if you're Seminoles coach Brooke Wyckoff. There could not be a clearer sign that winning just wasn't in the cards. Like when the team bus gets a flat tire on the way to the game or someone on the opposing team averaging 2.8 points drops 19 in the first half. Sometimes you just tip your cap and accept the universe's plans.