Oregon's Ehab Amin Flopped His Way Into Infamy


The Oregon Ducks gave a spirited effort against Virginia Thursday night but eventually fell, 63-59. Ducks guard Ehab Amin went down much more willingly after a second-half incident with Mamadi Diakite.

Come on, man. Have some self-respect. There’s exaggerating a call and then there’s flopping like a recently-caught bluegill desperate for the water.

The move actually backfired because Amin himself was hit with a corresponding technical as well, eliminating any advantage. And he didn’t really need to do it since Diakite had already initiated (very minor) forehead-to-forehead contact.

In times like these it’s wise to remember the words of Michael Scott, quoting Wayne Gretzky. You may miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take but selling the ones you don’t can have long-lasting viral consequences.