Oral Roberts Coach Paul Mills Tells Incredible Story About Barbershop Confrontation With Kevin Bacon

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

When times get tough, it helps to remember that tomorrow brings with it unlimited possibilities, an overwhelming majority of which the human mind cannot comprehend. For instance, getting to hear Oral Roberts coach Paul Mills tell a tale of aggression and confrontation about a past barbershop incident with beloved actor Kevin Bacon was not something Yesterday Me was even aware of pondering. And yet here we are, all unable to think of anything but just that after Mills regaled The Field of 68 podcast with the story.

Only to lose connectivity just as things were getting good.

Mills rejoined the podcast a few minutes later and offered some closure in the form of throwing a hand out there in the general direction of youthful indiscretions before absolutely throwing a peach of a kicker into the mix.

On one hand, this is funny. On the other, it's an important reminder that the CDC is still recommending six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon for good reason.