Only Pickleball Can Save Extravagant Tech Company Offices

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PPA Carvana Arizona Grand Slam / Bruce Yeung/GettyImages

Working from home rules. During the pandemic many companies were forced to realize that they didn't need their employees to come to one central location and work in person 40 hours a week for their businesses to operate. Still, some people yearn for the days of the long, unpaid commute and writing names on food before putting it in the refridgerator. But how can a company make the office an enticing destination again? Pickleball, of course! Via the New York Times:

The freight elevator doors opened onto 50,000 square feet of office real estate. Right now, it is empty, but Seth Besmertnik, chief executive of the software company Conductor, gestured at the beams and concrete floor with pride. He has plans for his company’s new office — conference rooms, a pickleball court and, of course, all of his 200 employees in the New York City area.

That is literally the only mention of pickleball in the entire story, but it still made the headline. What great PR for everyone's favorite fastest-growing sport. Right there on the marquee in the headline and first paragraph. If you want someone to click your story or come back to work in person, you make sure to work pickleball in there. It gets the people going.