Only NFL Investigator Who Interviewed Ezekiel Elliott's Accuser Recommended No Suspension

By Jason McIntyre

Roger Goodell, you’ve got some explaining to do.

According to a blockbuster report in the Star-Telegram, the only NFL investigator – Kia Roberts – who interviewed Ezekiel Elliott’s accuser recommended no suspension for the Dallas running back.

"Roberts recommended no suspension for Elliott following her interviews with Thompson during the investigation _ a fact she testified to during the appeals hearing with Henderson, according to a source. Roberts’ no discipline recommendation is the main reason Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expressed so much confidence in Elliott not being suspended before the initial decision and is the likely the source of his anger since the NFL announced the suspension on Aug. 11."

Making matters worse for the league, Roberts recommendation of no suspension didn’t even make the NFL’s final report.

Want to know why there’s so much distrust of Goodell’s decisions? Because of garbage like this. You mean to tell me prosecutors in Ohio decided not to bring chargers against Elliott, and the only person who interviewed Elliott’s accuser said there’s no suspension here … and yet he got six games?

Elliott should fight this to the bitter end.