One Romo or Two Mannings Is America's Hottest Parlor Game

Kyle Koster
One Romo or two Mannings?
One Romo or two Mannings? / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Eli Manning is now retired. Television courtship has begun. There may be mutual interest. There may not be. Who could know? Efforts to bring his brother Peyton into the game-broadcasting fold have amounted to a giant waste of time and energy. But hope springs eternal. And the possibility of somehow, someway, getting both Manning brothers together makes execs feel all warm in their tingly places.

The hope, of course, is that one or both of the Mannings could equal one Tony Romo, widely considered the best at the craft right now. How many Mannings does it truly take to make their services more appealing than the clairvoyant CBS analyst?

The fellows over at The Dan Patrick Show attempted to figure that out on Thursday with a game destined to create a craze from Bangor to San Jose.

It was an interesting discussion, touching on a lot of the reasons why the Mannings have such appeal even if the likelihood of them ever stepping up to a mic is low.

My answer to this new pressing question is unequivocally One Romo. The biggest reason? He's a known entity, the best-case scenario for any broadcaster. The two Mannings would suck every bit of oxygen out of the room and, perhaps unintentionally, overshadow the game.

Your results, though, may vary.