Ole Miss Football Stadium is On Fire

Liam McKeone
Ole Miss
Ole Miss / Joe Murphy/Getty Images

OIe Miss is preparing for the 2021 college football season, as are its rivals. Unfortunately, things have not gotten off to a hot start. I mean, they have, but certainly not in the way any Rebels fans imagined.

It appears that Ole Miss' stadium caught fire on Thursday afternoon. The source seems to be some sort of dumpster fire near the side of the stadium. Tough to tell from the few angles we have, but since concrete cannot catch aflame it's a good guess.

It is eerily reminiscent of when Florida's football stadium had its own issues with flames during the 2020 season. Florida did not play particularly well in the games following the fire, but the Gators did have a player go top-five in the draft. So the season wasn't a total failure.

The newest reports suggest the fire was caused by a contractor hitting a transformer.

That's real fire! That's terrifying! Fortunately it doesn't seem like anyone got hurt. It remains frightening though.

Ole Miss is starting the year off the same way the Gators did last September. Will it end the same? We'll have to see.