Here Are Some Old NCAA Tournament Selection Shows to Dull the Pain

Kyle Koster

All over this fine land, people are waking up with a profound sense of dread, which isn't new for anyone paying attention. But there's also a feeling of deep loss realizing that the best event in all of sports will not be set in motion tonight with the reveal of the NCAA Tournament bracket. There will be no theme music to jump-start the heart, no nail-biting for teams on the bubble, and no circling of potential first-round upsets.

It is obviously a minute concern in the big picture. But I can honestly say there's a deep emptiness in my soul right now with that realization. It hurts my heart.

March Madness has the unique ability to make me feel like a kid again, to bring an excitement tough enough to tap in the other 93 percent of the year. And I'd venture a guess to say I'm not alone there.

For the first time it's coming into focus how much missing this blessed experience is going to challenge morale.

It may sting more than it heals, but here's a reminder that there are plenty of archived shows on YouTube. Tread carefully down memory lane. It's basically all we have right now.

Only 366 days until the next Selection Sunday.