VIDEO: Please Enjoy All These Old Takes Ripping Daniel Jones

Kyle Koster
NFL Draft
NFL Draft / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The sports-shouting industrial complex went up like a tinderbox when the New York Giants shockingly selected Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick in this last NFL Draft. The pick was roundly mocked and Dave Gettleman became the punchline of so many jokes. The almost unanimous consensus was that the franchise was in deep trouble because of this misstep.

Jones played quite well in his first game and the punditry, blessed with attention spans mirroring that of fruit flies, are now calling him Danny Dimes and projecting him to have a long and fruitful career.

You see, the lesson to learn after making a sweeping prediction on no sample size is to course-correct with a sweeping, bold correction off a minute sample size.

By wetting a finger and sticking it up into the breeze, one can tell that the anti-Jones takes are going to age terribly. So those who made them would like to distance themselves from those youthful mistakes right now.

But they can't. At least, not those within the ESPN family who were included in a gasbag montage on yesterday's Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.

The internet is forever. What was once said may never die.

It will remain downright comical to me, a well-adjusted person, that anyone could drum up this type of passion about Daniel Jones, from Duke.

Look, there's no shame in being wrong once about this guy. But we're about to be through the looking glass if he regresses and is a failure immediately after the bandwagon gets full.