Oklahoma State's Christian Littlehead Allegedly Punched a Woman in the Face Over a Beer Pong Game

By Brian Alexander Giuffra

Christian Littlehead, a defensive tackle for the Oklahoma State Cowboys, has a warrant out for his arrest. Seems that back in March, the 21-year-old Littlehead got into an altercation with a woman at a birthday party and punched her in the face. From Tusla World:

In a police report filed March 4, the alleged victim said that when she claimed Littlehead was cheating at beer pong, he hit her once in the face, causing her to fall and scrape her hand and knees. Others stepped in to separate them and Littlehead left the party, the report states.

So, that’s basically the greatest college athlete douchebag story ever told. Littlehead started 4 games for OSU last season and registered a sack.

[Tulsa World, Getty]