OJ Simpson Weighed in on Alex Murdaugh Verdict, Sean Hannity Played a Clip on His Show

Stephen Douglas

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty by a jury today of the murder of his wife and son. This being such a high profile homicide case, OJ Simpson couldn't help but weigh in. He posted one video right after the verdict came in and another a few hours later. OJ first posted a three-minute video answering the question a lot of people have been asking him, which is what he thought of the Murdaugh trial. Sean Hannity played a clip of that video on his show tonight.

Hannity played a little more than 30 seconds from OJ's video before saying, "Wow. Did anyone here believe OJ?" This got an audible reaction from inside the studio with people saying, "no," and laughing. Hannity then added this:

"He wasn't on the golf course looking for the real killers by the way. It does look like he was in a living room somewhere, but anyway. And I'm not trying to be flippant here because we're talking about people's lives. And life is precious."

Anyway, here are OJ's two videos. In the second he explains that he knew the verdict was guilty because the jury came back so soon based on what the prison guards told him when, well, you know.

It's kind of surprising that no one invites OJ on to break down these types of situations.