Sen. John Kennedy: If You Don't Like Cops, Call a Crackhead Next Time You're In Trouble

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy on Fox News
Louisiana Senator John Kennedy on Fox News /

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy has a penchant for giving interesting but perplexing soundbites when appearing on cable news shows. On Tuesday night, he was up to his old tricks again during a guest spot on Fox News.

Kennedy was discussing how some in this country distrust police officers. He then made a suggestion that was ... well, odd. Here's what he said:

"Now having said that" is putting in a lot of work in that clip. There was no way to easily transition out of that suggestion.

While we're here, I've got a few questions I'd love to have answered. So, does he think everyone in America has a crackhead on speed dial they can call in case of emergency? Does he think crackheads are particularly good at solving problems when others are in trouble? Like, when the zombie apocalypse inevitably comes, will every successful group need to have a crackhead in it to survive? And, is a crackhead really the only alternative to police when you're in trouble?

I don't suppose I'll ever get the answers to those queries, but I do feel they're important.