Ohio State QB Recruit Quinn Ewers' Mullet Is Glorious

Ryan Phillips
Quinn Ewers
Quinn Ewers /

Ohio State landed the top quarterback recruit in the 2022 class after he decommitted from Texas. But that's not the headline here. We don't particularly care about the particulars of Quinn Ewers' recruitment, because we've now become acquainted with his hair. And it is glorious.

Here's video of Ewers working out at Steve Clarkson's "The QB Retreat":

And here's some video that surfaced on Tuesday:

Letting the locks flow and slinging some sidearm tosses with zip. While he's not as athletic, you can tell the 6-foot-3, 206-pound Ewers has some Patrick Mahomes in him.

Here's more video of Ewers playing for Southlake Carroll in Texas and letting his hair and arm do the talking:

Sure, the kid can throw the ball but I can't take my eyes off the hair. He's the consensus No. 1 prospect in the 2022 recruiting class and I can't stop seeing Joe Exotic while he's dropping bombs on those poor high school defensive backs.

The confidence Ewers must have to rock that haircut knowing he's constantly going to be on camera is staggering. I'd follow that kid -- and his hair -- into any battle he enters.