Oh Great, Here Come the New York Jets to Ruin Saint Peter's

Kyle Koster
Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Saint Peter's will be the third No. 15 seed to play in the Sweet 16 when it takes the court tonight against Purdue. The Peacocks are far from the first Cinderella to capture hearts and minds, but there's a real case to be made that they are the most unexpected. Located a mere ferry ride from the epicenter of media, the Jersey City school has benefitted from wall-to-wall coverage, which has only lured more people to the bandwagon.

Including local resident Eli Manning, who got his paws on some slick gear.

But also including the cursed New York Jets, who play in New Jersey and wanted in on the social discussion as well.

It takes a special type of misfortune for a team like Saint Peter's to lose on National Peacock Day but the combination of Purdue's length, Jaden Ivey getting whatever he wants whenever he wants, and the unsolicited support of the sad sack Jets just may do it.

You hate to see it.