Officials Screw Saints Again, Take Clear Touchdown Away From Cam Jordan


The New Orleans Saints just got screwed by NFL officials again against the Los Angels Rams. On Sunday, the Saints had a clear touchdown taken away solely due to officiating incompetence.

Here’s the play:

What was a clear fumble, recovery and touchdown for Cam Jordan was called back because one of the officials blew the play dead as an incomplete pass. It clearly was not a forward pass. After review, the officials gave the ball to the Saints but, obviously, the return was wiped away and the Saints didn’t wind up scoring on the ensuing possession.

As always, officials should let these plays go and overturn them, rather than blowing them dead and risking what just happened. That was a clear touchdown.

The Saints have every right to be ticked off. Instead of a 10-3 lead, they got the ball in their own half of the field in a 3-3 tie. It could be a game-changing call by the officials and play a role in playoff seeding later in the season. And of course, it doesn’t help that it’s Rams-Saints again with the Rams getting the better end of the call like the NFC Championship last year.