Odell Beckham Spent $10K On This Custom Rug

Ryan Glasspiegel

Odell Beckham Jr. has had a good week. First he had a great touchdown catch in a Giants win over Washington on Thursday, then he received the custom-made rug that will surely tie the room together. TMZ chased down the back story:

"OBJ was looking to score a centerpiece for the game room in his crib … y’know, something to tie it together — and hit up Keith Collins, rug maker extraordinaire. Keith tells us OBJ only had a few requirements … it had to be red and black with his name and number. Collins says the piece took more than 3 months to complete, but OBJ was so impressed with the end result … he’s already talking about an epic sequel: a tapestry of “the catch” from last season."

TMZ says this rug cost $10,000, but it’s unclear whether or to what extent the coconut water brand in the Instagram photo is footing the bill.