Odell Beckham Showed Up to the ESPYS Dressed Like a Backpack


Odell Beckham Jr. turned some heads at the ESPYS last night because he showed up looking like a normie with regular haircut. But the unremarkable hairdo was complemented by a rather remarkable get up one can only describe as cargo shorts for the midsection.

Why? I guess the question is why not?

Who among us hasn’t been in the position where they need to have easy access to some library books and/or a trapper-keeper? You can’t put a price tag on convenience.

Those with internet access had some pithy things to say about the look — per usual — but one really stands out. Beckham channeling D.W. from Arthur is oddly satisfying in a nostalgic and wholesome way.

Did Beckham look a bit ridiculous? Of course. Did he also pull it off in a way only a very cool dude can pull it off? Yeah. To that end, showing up looking like a Jansport backpack is among the most powerful of power moves.

Have to respect it.