Odell Beckham Jr. May Not Get Arrested for Slapping Cop's Butt After All

Ryan Glasspiegel

Odell Beckham Jr. was facing an arrest warrant for slapping a cop's butt in the LSU locker room after the team's victory in the national title game on Monday, but now it turns out that he may get out of it.

Per Nola.com, the officer whose butt Beckham slapped signed an affidavit indicating that he no longer wishes to press charges against Beckham. Now it will be up to the New Orleans Police Department to determine whether or not to rescind the warrant for Beckham's arrest.

Even if Beckham does ultimately skate on this incident, it was remarkably poor judgment on his part. There is no way to say that it was anything other than erratic behavior, so hopefully it serves as a wakeup call.