Joe Burrow Claims Odell Beckham Jr. was Handing Out Real Money to LSU Players

Ryan Phillips

Joe Burrow has confirmed that Odell Beckham Jr. was actually throwing around real money after LSU won the national championship Monday night. OBJ was seen throwing cash around in LSU's locker room following the game, but the school initially claimed it was fake money. Well, according to Burrow, it wasn't.

Burrow went on Barstool's Pardon My Take podcast and spilled the beans:

Burrow isn't a student athlete anymore, so he has no reason to lie, but anyone with a brain knew that was real cash. The issue here isn't that those football players got a little cash -- though it's against NCAA rules -- it's that LSU stupidly tried to lie about it.

LSU should have immediately come out and told the truth, said they didn't know Beckham was going to do that and condemned it. Then they could have worked with the NCAA on a remedy. The lie was just stupid.