Odell Beckham Jr. Is Playing Football in Expensive Richard Mille Orange Watch

Bobby Burack

All football players have their styles, we know that. But Week 1 has brought us something rather unique. It turns out while putting on a show in the first half, Odell Beckham Jr. did so wearing what looks like a custom Richard Mille Browns watch. One that costs some dollar bills, I may add.

Check this thing out:

Richard Mille watches, which are swiss made, vary in price, but Rafael Nadal wore one that costs $1.65 million and the lower end of the watches costs in the six figures.

Not a bad look, to be honest. You have to wonder how long it took for him to decide if he was going to wear this bling today. The downside, of course, is that it could get wrecked by a hard-hitting defender. But there is the upside of, well, rocking that thing on a football field and having everyone know it.

Truth is, it will be hard to look better than OBJ this week. With that watch, that hamlet visor, and that uniform it will be just too hard.

One area Antonio Brown doesn’t create enough news in?