Odell Beckham Healthy Enough For Dance Contest With Russell Westbrook 3 Days Before Missing Cowboys Game

By Stephen Douglas

Odell Beckham Jr. missed the New York Giants season-opener against the Dallas Cowboys because of a high ankle sprain. Beckham suffered the injury on August 21st in a preseason game against the Cleveland Browns. The ankle injury did not keep him out of a dance contest with Russell Westbrook. Via Page Six:

"Spies tell us the football and basketball players had a dance battle as Wyclef Jean performed onstage. Said a witness, “There were a bunch of models like Taylor Hill on one side and Teyana Taylor and her husband, Iman Shumpert, on the other side cheering them on.”"

And you probably thought people had a negative reaction to Beckham going out on a boat the week before a playoff game. Guy is out dancing on a bad ankle, but he can’t play football three days later? In fact, he’s still day-to-day today and it’s not certain he’ll play this Sunday.

Maybe the most interesting part of all this is Beckham’s dance adversary. Russell Westbrook is a Dallas Cowboys fan. The Cowboys played the Giants on Sunday. Without Beckham, the Cowboys had little trouble shutting down the New York offense. Is it possible that Westbrook would engaged his favorite team’s upcoming opponent’s best player in a dance contest in hopes it would keep him out of a game? That is an insane idea that would require an obsessively competitive person so it actually sounds exactly like Russell Westbrook.

Expect a similar situation involving Kirk Cousins the week before a Dallas – Washington game. That would make even more sense considering Kevin Durant is a Washington fan.