Octavio Dotel and Luis Castillo Cleared of Charges in Money-Laundering Case

Kyle Koster

Former Major Leaguers Octavio Dotel and Luis Castillo have been cleared in connection with a money laundering and drug investigation. A judge in the Dominican Republic released the duo yesterday due to a lack of evidence. Ten days ago, Dotel was arrested and Castillo was cited as part of a operation targeting César Peralta.

The former Mets were said to be among 18 members of a massive drug operation overseen by Peralta — whose nickname is “Cesar the Abuser.”

Prosecutors claimed Peralta leaned on the big-name pals to help launder his ill-gotten gains.

But on Thursday, Judge José Alejandro Vargas declared that the drug-trafficking charges against the former major-leaguers were without merit.

Dotel is still facing a weapons charge but his lawyer believes they have documentation proving the firearm was legally possessed. He and Castillo’s lawyer are asking for an apology from prosecutors and police.