'Ocean Spray Guy' Nathan Apodaca Celebrates Lakers Title With Another Viral Video

Ryan Phillips

Nathan Apodaca, otherwise known as the "Ocean Spray Guy," is apparently a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. After the Lakers won their 17th NBA title Sunday night, he posted a video in celebration.

Apodaca went viral for a TikTok video where he skateboarded while sipping Ocean Spray straight from the bottle and sang along to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. That video is below:

He decided to go with a bit of a remix on the same theme to celebrate the Lakers' latest title:

Sipping wine and cruising to "We Are The Champions" in a Kobe Bryant jersey is a pretty boss way to celebrate a championship.

Apodaca was gifted a new truck by Ocean Spray that also included a ton of their products after his original video went nuts online. He works at a potato warehouse in Idaho and the initial video was prompted by his truck breaking down, forcing him to skateboard to work. He needed a new truck and Ocean Spray obliged.

I doubt his Lakers celebration video will be as popular as the original but I appreciated his variation on the theme.