Let OAN and Newsmax Fight


A few days ago, a Newsmax interview with My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell went entirely off the rails and spilled into the monoculture. Such things happen when an anchor literally flees the set because he — smartly and correctly — can read handwriting on the wall and would prefer not to be party to a lawsuit.

Any inkling that there would be an idealogical shift over at The Max, which is what I'd like us all start calling the channel if possible, was immediately stymied when that anchor, Bob Sellers, took a sorrowful, apologetic tone amid the fallout.

But that wasn't enough to keep One America News to come flying in from the right to paint its competition as a proponent of cancel culture and censorship.

We're truly in an unprecedented place. The word "leftist" being used as a clip of Seb Gorka plays. It's in moments like these where it's important to remember that, yes, things will get weirder. And candidly, it'd be great to see these two networks take off the gloves and go at each other with great fury. Perhaps see who can devote the most time to Lindell firing up wild conspiracy theories on air.

Let's see which is brave enough to give Lindell his own hour. Or all of primetime. And which is censoring him by not immediately instilling him as head of content.

Let the people and the litigators working on Dominion's behalf sort out the winners and losers.

In the immortal words of Jim Halpert: Fight! Fight! Fight!