Oakland Athletics Security Not Even Bothering With Streakers Anymore

Fan on the field
Fan on the field /

There is no more depressing team in baseball than the Oakland Athletics, who put together a shoddy roster on purpose to save money for the move to Las Vegas that all the fans know is coming. Attendance has suffered accordingly. It seems at this point the only people going to games are the ones who wish to make a point with their signs, pleading the owners to sell rather than move the franchise.

The situation is, frankly, deeply saddening. It is also tremendous content. There's a possum that lives in the wall and forces visiting broadcasters to move booths. Now security apparently doesn't give a damn about anything happening to the point where a fan ran onto the field in between innings during a rare victory on Tuesday.

The entire team is down bad no matter what operation they work. Tough to see a franchise fall so far.