Oakland A's Bench Coach Ryan Christenson Sorry for Accidentally Doing the Nazi Salute Twice

Kyle Koster
Oakland Athletics Summer Workouts
Oakland Athletics Summer Workouts / Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

Oakland Athletics bench coach Ryan Christenson found an unfortunate way to celebrate a victory over the Texas Rangers on Thursday, resulting in both he and the team apologizing. While greeting triumphant players back into the dugout after the final out, Christenson fixed his arm in a Nazi salute. The first two guys to encounter it — pitcher Liam Hendricks and catcher Sean Murphy — seemed to alert him to the unsavoriness of the pose, bending his elbow almost immediately.

Armed with that new knowledge, Christenson did the salute again, this time in the opposite direction.

A few hours and social shares of the incident later, the contrition came pouring in.

Now, at this point, you could go on with your day under the assumption that we can all agree that striking the Nazi salute is not something anyone should be doing. And that Major League Baseball would prefer it if its players and coaching staff not do it on the field of play.

Or you could read the comments on the apology or any other video of the incident, which are a predictable disaster.

Two roads diverged in ones and zeroes for you to pick.

Anyway, there's plenty of real estate on the middle ground between demanding this guy be fired and barred from all future employment and being more angry at the people who noticed the gesture than the person who did it. Come on in. The water is very warm and reasonable.