NYPD Shoves AP News Team Into a Car, Forces Them to Stop Covering Protest

Stephen Douglas
New York City police.
New York City police. / Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The Black Lives Matter protests that have broken out across America (and the world) in the wake of George Floyd's murder have shined a brighter light than ever on police. Everything they do is being captured on camera and put on the internet for the world to be shocked and awed by and yet they don't seem to care. Last night they "surrounded, shoved and yelled expletives" at two Associated Press journalists until they got in their car.

Considered essential workers, press should be allowed on the streets after curfew and left alone by police, but instead law enforcement continues to bully them and it keeps getting caught on camera. Still, this video doesn't even seem that bad. On Monday police attacked a foreign journalist outside the White House on live television!

Obviously, many of these police are not worried about consequences for their actions. Incidents where foreign leaders will call for investigations will likely be few and far between so expect to see a lot more of this.