Sad Terrell Davis Now the Face of the Agony of Defeat For Denver Sports


The Miami Heat beat the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night to tie the NBA Finals at one game a piece. Miami erased an eight-point deficit early in the fourth quarter and never looked back. The late-game turnaround was highlighted by a Miami fan reaching for a high-five after a Jimmy Butler three extended the Heat lead. Or, if you're a Denver fan, it was a lowlight as a Broncos legend had to watch hands slap in celebration right in front of his face.

Terrell Davis deserves better. The man won an MVP and two Super Bowls for John Elway and the Broncos. He should never be forced to suffer such indignity in the Mile High City. Just let him quietly suffer like the rest of the fans. Besides, he was probably just thinking about his next endorsement opportunity.