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Novak Djokovic Goes Berserk, Damages Court With Aggressive Racquet-Smashing

Kyle Koster
Matt King/Getty Images

Novak Djokovic dispatched Alexander Zverev in four sets to advance to the Australian Open semifinals early this morning. But it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies, as Maroon 5 sang so passionately about earlier this century.

While in the process of almost dropping the third set, Djokovic spiked a ball into the net for an unforced error, igniting a fit of rage within that manifested with great fury. Three solid smacks downward later, his expensive racquet was ruined and the once-gorgeous blue court marred with the scars of high-stakes trauma.

This is the same reaction I have when I realize that, once again, the log-in credentials for my children's remote learning are not working. Sometimes you just need to rage. These situations are entirely analogous.

The Daily Mail reports that Novak "sat in a sulk," which is a phrase we should all introduce to our own lexicon. Results matter, though, and the frequent champion played like his best self after the meltdown so ... worth it?