Noted Bad Boy Roger Federer Finally Penalized for Unsportsmanlike Behavior

Kyle Koster
2019 Rolex Shanghai Masters - Day 7
2019 Rolex Shanghai Masters - Day 7 / Fred Lee/Getty Images

There's no denying that Roger Federer is a transcendent talent, but for tennis fans with children, it's always been tough to watch him play due to his reputation for outbursts and unprofessional behavior. The bad boy was up to his old tricks again this morning at the Rolex Shanghai Masters and it cost him a point.

Warning: Clip may be too intense and disturbing for some audiences.

Thank God someone wasn't injured by that rage-propelled rocket Federer blasted into the stands. Would have made an already bad situation even worse. I cannot imagine a single person not being on the chair umpire's side here. Some things are just bigger than sports, like being a role model.