Norwegian Volleyball Dog Is Now One of the World's Best Athletes

Stephen Douglas

Meet Kiara, the Norwegian volleyball dog. Kiara is one of the few athletes currently competing in sports right now so technically, Kiara is one of the best athletes in the world at the moment. Kiara's owner is Mathias Berntsen, an outside hopeful in Olympic beach volleyball. If the games had gone on this summer as scheduled, Berntsen and Kiara probably would have been invited.

Interestingly enough, Kiara let Berntsen do all the digging in this video. You have to figure that's her strength because honestly, her sets were erratic and didn't set up her partner for any spikes. She's got a lot to work on if she wants to land the lead in the remake of Air Bud: Spikes Back.

I'm sorry, did you watch that? The Air Bud volleyball movie features a diamond heist? This is a dog that plays multiple sports and still finds time to turn up the merry-go-round speed to torture criminals? Now I'm impressed.