Norwegian Call of Viktor Hovland's Winning Putt Loud Enough to Be Heard 'Round the World

Kyle Koster
Viktor Hovland, less animated than the broadcasters.
Viktor Hovland, less animated than the broadcasters. / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Viktor Hovland is new to the PGA Tour and it's probably a good idea to get familiar with the name because he's going to be involved in the top half of leaderboards regularly this year. The former Oklahoma State Cowboy captured the first victory on Tour yesterday in Puerto Rico by rolling in a 30-foot putt.

His Norwegian countrymen were understandably excited about it. Here's the call from Eurosport Norge, if for whatever reason it's not included in your cable package.

Pure, unbridled joy expressed at peak volume. An elite call in any language.

It's both fun and a bit concerning to consider what the announcing team will do if Hovland repeats his heroics in a major. Something to look forward to/worry about.