Pat Fitzgerald Fell in Love With 2-Point Conversions, Confused Everyone

Kyle Koster
Michigan State v Northwestern
Michigan State v Northwestern / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Pat Fitzgerald let it be known earlier this week that his email address is That was in response to criticism about his offensive gameplan. He'll have a few more people second-guessing his decisions, these pertaining to strategy, after failing on two two-point conversions during a comeback attempt at Wisconsin.

Down 24-3 in the fourth quarter, the Wildcats scored a touchdown and went for two. A failure left it 24-9. Fitzgerald opted to do the same thing on the next score and were once again unsuccessful.

The decisions were immediately critiqued in real time. The first can be understood. On the road, against a top opponent, it pays to be aggressive. The second, though was pretty astounding. It left a nine-point deficit with 4:08 to play.

The Wildcats were able to get a stop and another opportunity, but were stopped on downs.

Critically thinking, once the first attempt failed, they'd have to go for two at some point. Some will argue that it's better to know exactly how many points you're chasing down the stretch. Yet with so little time remaining, it was absurd to think Northwestern was going to get two more opportunities after kicking down 24-15.

It didn't really end up mattering as the final score stayed 24-15. But still, definitely a move to make when you actually don't care at all.